Okay, here is the story...

strTemp = "95CD4F8A"
Dim lTest2 As Int64 = HexToLong(strTemp) ' lTest2 = 2513260426

I have a hex string, strTemp that needs to be assigned as a _hex value_ to
i32Test. I cannot assign it directly because it overflows the Int32
variable. But if I assign it to the Int32 variable as a hex value the
assignment goes okay and i32Test is then equal to -1781706870...

Dim i32Test As Int32 = &H95CD4F8A

The variable strTemp changes with each call to Guid.NewGuid() so I cannot
hard code the hex value in the assignment. How do I convert the string
"95CD4F8A" to an Int32 variable?

Maybe I've been working on this too much today and am overlooking the
obvious. And I need a break from this project which I plan on taking as
soon as I send this. I have other projects to work on and newsgroups to
catch up on!