Hi folks

Well, i have created a gradient elipsed winform without title bar. I couldn´t
move the form, but i have used API and translated it (like in vb6) to move
Public Declare Function SendMessage Lib "User32" Alias "SendMessageA"
(ByVal hWnd As IntPtr, ByVal wMsg As Integer, ByVal wParam As Integer, ByVal
lParam As Integer) As Integer
Public Declare Sub ReleaseCapture Lib "User32" () 'API que liberta o
Public Const WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN = &HA1 'constatne que detecta o botăo primido
Public Const HTCAPTION = 2 'constante que faz mover o formulário
On MouseDownd of the form:

Private Sub Form1_MouseDown(blah blah)
Dim valor_retorno As Integer
'libertar rato
Call ReleaseCapture()

'mover o formulário com HTCAPTION
valor_retorno = SendMessage(Handle, WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN, HTCAPTION, 0&)
End Sub


Well, the form moves, but there´s any way to move it without using API? It
is kind of lame not?

By the way, i think .NET ignores a little the win32 API functions, like the
processing of sending and capture windows messages (sub and hiper classing)...