I have spent the last week getting comfortable with ADO.NET. I think MS has
the right idea with the DataSet, I am predicting that this bridge between
the XML world and the RDBMS world will be the most important component for
years to come. I was able to do everything with it except update a data
source using the Data Adapter.

I used the wizard to configure the select,insert,update,delete commands and
I attempted it with MS SQL Server using the SQL Server components and with
MS Access using OLEDB Components. I got different errors when trying to
update SQL Server and Access even though the Schema was identical. An insert
would work with Access/OLEDB but not an update or delete, and a delete would
work with SQL Server but not an insert or update. The error messages from
Access were completely useless, but the error message from SQL stated that
I had an "unexpected null data source argument". I printed out the number
of rows in the data source, and it had rows so it was not null.

Has anyone had similar problems, or can offer advice.

I read that there is a way to have the data adapter automatically configure
the commands if you set the select command. Does any one know how to do

Any help is appriciated,