In one of my project (Assembly ProjectA) i have created a class clsP1 where
in i have defined an overridable function OF1 which

returns a string. I'm inheriting this class to clsNC1 which is in a
different project (ASSEMBLY ProjectB) and using this newly

inherited class (clsNC1) i'm creating the final class clsFC in a new project
(Assembly ProjectC) in which i have written the code for

the overridable function.

the sample code is as follows

In projectA (output type is Class Library)
Public Class clsP1
Public Overridable Function OF1() As String
End Function
End Class

in projectB (output type is Class Library)
Public Class clsNC1
Inherits ProjectA.clsP1

End Class

in ProjectC (output type is Windows Application)
Public Class clsFC
Inherits ProjectB.clsNC1

Public Overrides Function OF1() As String
Return "Hello"
End Function

End Class

Project B has reference of Project A
Project C has a reference of Project A,B

When i call the function OF1 of clsFC at times it returns "Hello" and at
times it does not return any value. On debugging it was

learned that it is refering to function OF1 in class clsP1.

I have used reflection to create the instance of the class clsFC. ie The
instance is being created by the CreateInstance method of the

Assembly class.

How do i solve this problem.