I am having a senior moment or something sure seems odd about using
the border feature with labels and text boxes. It appears to me that
the fixed single border with labels works differently than with text
boxes. If I dimension a label as 20x64 with a fixed single border, I get
a 20x60 area with the label contained in the 18x58 inner boundary (one all
the way around for the border for you math weenies). I don't appear to
get the same result from with text boxes. As best as I can determine with
stone knives and bear claws is that the border is outside the bounds of the
text box, keep up with math weenies, the area covered is 22x62. Now I certainly
can be wrong but I do expected the two to operate with fixed single border
the same. An additional unexpected feature is that when I select a Courier
New 16 point font, I get a 15.75 point. Is net trimming my font size to
fit my box size?

What got me to this haunted house was trying to put specifically sized label
and text boxes within a panel. I can here you say "use the grid
control, Luke, use the grid control", however, the MS grid control with
.NET doesn't let me do some of the requirements for the GUI that the customer
has grown attached.

I am providing a separate post of sample code that demonstrates the questions
of the border.

Comments and enlightenment will be well recieved, useless verbage will be
forwarded directly to the Dark Side. 8-)