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Thread: Datagrid - Highlight selected row

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    Dan Thibodeaux Guest

    Datagrid - Highlight selected row

    How in the world do I highlight the selected row in the datagrid control. I
    like the old Flex Grid in VB6 because you could just set a property that
    told the grid to select the entire row instead of just the current cell.
    I've poured over the VB.Net online help for the datagrid and its associated
    collections (Table & Column) but I can't find anything about selecting the
    current row.

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    Constance J. Petersen Guest

    Re: Datagrid - Highlight selected row

    Hi Dan,

    "Dan Thibodeaux" <dant@rowancompanies.com> wrote in message
    > How in the world do I highlight the selected row in the datagrid control.

    Here's a link to one recent article on this topic:


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