Sorry to do this to you folks

I am using the Try.... Catch.... Finally structure with great success,

How can I turn OFF the exception handling in a situation where I know that
errors are likely to happen, and should be ignored? I.E. in a Unhanded
Exception Handler? I code heavily to avoid ever going into this handler
(don't we all?), but to write a completely stable service, I need to handle
the cases where the system is already going South on me, and something so
exceptional has happened that it is outside of my trappings. Such as the
network going down or the database server crashing. In these cases, I want
to turn off the exception handler so that I can get what information I can,
and log it somewhere. (Hopefully to the event log, but I could be so dead,
that it may be just to a file or heaven forbid, to a console screen [no
saving that report!])

In the past I would just do an On Error Resume Next. However, I know that
this is something the C/C++ programmers have been handling (I hope!?!?!?!)
for years in a structured exception handling world. So, I come to you and
ask -- how?

Thanks for any ideas,