Ok here is the scoop.

I just wrote a a ping method. The method i wrote was designed to check and
see if a given ip or dsn exists.

The problem I'm having is that when i launch the debugger it ALWAYS works
fine the first time and ALWAYS fails on subsequent tries within that
debug session.

The two lines of code to send and receive the ping packets are as follows:

ICMPSocket.SendTo(RequestBuffer, 0, DataSize, SocketFlags.None _
, RemoteHost)

RecvSize = ICMPSocket.ReceiveFrom(ReplyBuffer, SocketFlags.None, _
CType(RemoteHost, EndPoint))

Again during the first execution this works fine however when i execute
the code again from the same debugging session i get a

A non-blocking socket operation could not be completed immediately

I'm out of options so what can i say but HELPPPPPPPPPPP!