an array question

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Thread: an array question

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    Deborah D Brown Guest

    an array question

    I'm going thru a book learning about web services, and i'm on the part about
    returning arrays. Examine:

    Dim myArray(2) as pcdebbArray

    This is an array of TWO elements or THREE? The book states this is an array
    of three items, I know it supposed to be zero based so when I reference them
    it will be myArray(0), my Array(1), etc, but this really confused me?

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    Paul Mc Guest

    Re: an array question

    G'day Deborah.

    >Dim myArray(2) as pcdebbArray

    Yes this can be confusing. That declaration is functionally identical to:
    Dim myArray(0 to 2) as pcdebbArray
    i.e. the 2 declares the Upper Bound of the array, when the array's lower
    bound is 0.

    The easiest way IMO to remember is just to mentally translate
    Dim myArray(x) -> Dim myArray(0 to x).


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