We are in the midst of migrating our vb / asp application to .net. As such
were are referencing vb com+ objects within our .vbproj file. We quickly
found that any time you change the interface within the object the .net
reference is broken. In our vb projects we got around this by compiling with
project compatability. If a vb dll is compiled with project compatablity, vb
is able to resolve the new dll even though the interface has changed.
However, within .net, when you create a com reference, the reference appears
to match against the class guid and the typelib version. This breaks our
automated build process requiring the developer to manually remove and
re-add the reference.

I thought I had found a solution by using tlbimp to create an interop
wrapper for the dll, and then referencing the interop assembly instead of
the com dll. By referencing the assembly I can safely re-create a new
wrapper without breaking the reference. Additionally, compatability within
the dll is no longer an issue. However when I reference some of the interop
assemblies that I created, I am getting in the IDE 'Implementing class
'xxxx' cannot be found'

Any tips would be appreciated.

Glenn Block
Senior Software Engineer
Global Factory