I am having bad luck with this property. It behaves erratically for me.

Here's my situation:

I have a couple of forms (Attendees and Registration) which are designed
to do batch inserts wrapped up in a transaction from VB.NET. When new rows
are created, I have set the autoincrement field to start at -1 and step -1
for both datatables.

I have set the childkeyconstraint in the registration table (child table)
to cascade update when the Attendee table primary key gets its correct value
from the database.

I have tested my two SQL Server stored procedures to make sure that the correct
row is being returned after the insert into Attendees. I have set nocount
on in both stored procedures. The UpdatedRowSource property for the respective
InsertCommands have been set to Both.

So, the data is being returned but the rows in question do not change.
My registration record cannot insert with an ID of -1, the DRI throws a flag

Does anyone what's happening here? I'm using untyped datasets but I'm hoping
that doesn't make a difference.

Thanks for any assistance,