Hi -

(Windows 2000 SP2; Internet Explorer 6.0; VB 5; Visual Studio 6)

After a period of inactivity on the .NET front, I suddenly got problems with
trying to run Visual Studio.NET. Sadly, in my fevered state, I can't remember
what the exact error was, but I decided that it might be a good idea to do
a reinstall. So, I managed to reinstall the Windows components (which actually
seemed to fix a problem I was having with the Add/Remove Programs applet
- very strange). I then just chose the Install/Repair option, and let the
setup program run disk 1 to 4. Towards the end of disk 4, I suddenly got
a popup dialogue saying:

X Fatal Execution Engine Error (0x7926e63b)

I pressed OK, and then the setup continued onwards. At the end of the setup
routine, I got the same error, and this time it asked me whether I wanted
to debug in one of two environments (sorry, can't remember the specifics,
but in any case, there was no code to debug against). And not surprisingly,
when I subsequently started Visual Studio.NET, I got the same thing happening.

There is only two references to this on Google in the Groups tab:


The second link seems to be interesting:


I finally my Visual Studio install working but only after leaving out the
framework documentation, which for some reason crashes the program. This
took me about 3 days of constant installing and removing components. I
wonder if MS will create a certification for installing Visual Studio. It
looks like we all have alot of experience.

"john" <nl601@hotmail.com> wrote in message
> I can get through 99% of install fine but with less than
> one minute left while the program is installing "value =
> Help Package I get a "Fatal Execution Engine Error
> 0x7926e63b"


But leaving out the framework documentation seems to make no difference!

I've subsequently uninstalled, deleted everything in the temp directory,
and re-installed. Considering how long this takes to do, I haven't the
time to try every installed option. Please help, someone!


Mark Alexander Bertenshaw
Chordiant Software, Inc.