Hi -

I have recently posted a specific query about installing Visual Studio.NET
on my computer on vb.dotnet.technical (I didn't see this group until it was
too late). Whilst I would be very grateful if someone could suggest a fix
for this problem, I understand that .NET is too complicated a beast for most
mortals to handle. Instead, I wonder if someone could suggest some general
hints on what is the best way to (re)install Visual Studio.NET. The machine
being used is a Home/Development machine. As a result, it has a lot of
stuff on it which somehow could have an impact on it: games, firewalls,
utilities - all sorts of things. What scares me about dotnet is that it
seems to have done a whole load of things to my computer. It looks as if it
secretes itself into all parts of the operating system. For instance, I get
framework errors when I try to start IIS !

Please don't tell me to reinstall Windows 2000 - it would be _so_ painful

Mark Alexander Bertenshaw
Chordiant Software, Inc.