My guess, withiout seeing ANY code, is that you have code, in frmCustomers,
that uses the original command button NAME, in the code. When you change
the NAME of a control in the base class, there is NO way to change the Code,
making use of that control, in the derived class.

You should get the design of the base class solidified, BEFORE you use it
as the base of an inheritance structure. This is sometimes refered to as
the Fragile Base Class Problem.

Arthur Wood

"rguti" <> wrote:
>I have a base windows form class and another windows form ('frmCustomers')
>that inherits from this base form. I have this problem:
>1) if I change the name of a command button in the base form formerly named
>"button8" to "cmbExit" and then try to build the solution I get the error

>'button8' is not a member of 'ATC.frmCustomers' ". Just for information

>button is 'Modifiers' = Public. How can I change the name of the button

>have it reflect on the inheriting forms?
>2) How can I delete an object on the base form and have it reflect on the
>inheriting forms. I tried this before and it really messed up my inheriting
>forms so now I don't DARE try this, what is the way to do it?