Restricting subsequent links to frame

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Thread: Restricting subsequent links to frame

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    Victor Francis Guest

    Restricting subsequent links to frame

    I have three frames on my main page. The links are in frame 2 and I've targeted
    all links to frame 3. I click on a link and the linked page pops up, as it
    should, in frame 3. However, sometimes when I click the links on the linked
    page, the subsequent pages take up all of my main page. I don't want that.
    I would like to restrict the linked pages and all subsequent pages to frame
    3. How do I do that? I'm using IE 5.0. and HTML 4.

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    Sevan Baghdasarian (WEB DEV) Guest

    Re: Restricting subsequent links to frame

    Hi Victor,

    simply set the 'target' attribute's value of te 'A' tag to the name of the
    third frame like:

    <a href="someURL" target="ThirdFrameName">Some Text ...</a>

    I hope it helps.

    Digitally Yours,
    Sevan Baghdasarian
    Official Personal Site

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