Hi all!

One of the options on web page we are doing is Printer Friendly copy of a
page, like removing all the buttons, extra colors and such. Then we are
opening new window with following code in it

window.write (winwow.opener.document.all.StaticHTML.value)

basicly, friendly version of page reads it's content from opener window.
now the problem - source of this printer friendly window shows, well, it's
source (see above) but not the actual HTML that is going to be printed.
It's totaly undersandable and it is the way it should be. What we need is
someway to create a Printer Friendly page on a fly with HTML that needs to
be printed as a source.

Hope it's not confusing. Let me try to refrase it. We have one window named
say window1. This window1 has some HTML generated by javascript. We need
to open window2 with this generated HTML as a source. It means when you
hit View Source for window2 you should see actual HTML, not some scripts
that populate this window.

Please reply if it's possible or not. Some links may be helpfull.

OK, it's enough. Just in case you are wondering why - IE5 has menu option
to Send Page by E-Mail and it send actual source of a page, not the staff
that displayed. Kind of nice feature.

Thanks in advance