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    cat_dog Guest

    How to call a sub in mdi parent from child form

    i use mdi to manage several forms which one of the child form "frmJobList" contain a datagrid,
    how can i update another child form "frmNote" by clicking the datagrid only
    i use databinding method in "frmNote"

    The parent form is called "frmMain"

    There is a sub in "frmNote" which can update the bound textbox

    Public Sub MoveTo(ByVal intJobId As Long)
    SqlDvNote.Sort = "JobID"
    Me.BindingContext(SqlDvNote).Position() = SqlDvNote.Find(intJobId)
    End Sub

    There is another sub in "frmMain"

    Public Sub UpdateAllForms(ByVal intJobId As Long)
    If ChildFormExist("frmNote") Then
    End If
    End Sub

    i tried to call the sub in "frmMain" from the "frmJoblist" datagrid CurrentCellChanged event like below

    Public Sub dgJobList_CurrentCellChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles dgJobList.CurrentCellChanged
    longJobID = dgJobList(dgJobList.CurrentRowIndex(), 0)
    dim frm as new frmMain
    End Sub

    But it fails

    How can i refer to the parent from the child form?

    Hope u can understand

    Many thx
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