These pblms have happened to me now twice in the last 3 months. I work w/VB6.0
on a daily basis and for whatever reason, at one point I start having these
pblms. I think they are related. In any case, uninstalling and reinstalling
VB does NOT help. I've had to completely reinstall my PC. Something I would
like to avoid this time and future. The interesting thing about the out of
stack is that when I view the Call Stack, the only item is my Sub Main (),
which is where I bomb (believe it or not on a Screen.MousePointer=vbHourglass
stmt). Can anyone help. Is there some code I can use to try to determine
if it's something we're doing in our application? If not, does anyone know
of any product that can help me?? Like I mentioned the call stack shows basically
nothing. There is no stack!! Also, something worth mentioning.. if I do not
get the out of stack message but try to run my application via IDE 2 consecutive
times, I GPF on VB6.EXE and on occasion on SSSCC.DLL. To avoid this, I 'New
Project', then reload our application and all is OK. Very annoying.