I need some advice/suggestions for displaying a form that displays a progress
bar. I am trying to avoid having my Progress Form lose focus......

I have a Main form that does some processing. While this processing is occuring
I display another form that simply has a progress bar on it (I display this
form vbmodeless as I have no other choice since the processing is occuring
in the main form).

The code looks something like this in my frmMain:

frmProgress.Show vbmodeless
frmProgress.ProgressBar.Value = 20

'Processing in frmMain

frmProgress.ProgressBar.Value = 40

This works fine, EXCEPT for the fact that while processing is occuring AND
the frmProgress is displayed the user CAN click somewhere else and this will
result in the frmProgress losing focus....Then the progress form is no longer

Any ideas or suggestion on how to have this frmProgress act like a vbmodal
form? Maybe using events?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.