Hi there,

Working on a web page recently using bare html in Windows Notepad I discovered
a problem with table borders that I have never encountered before. I do not
know why it happens but it is pretty frustrating, maybe someone can give
some info on why this is happening and what I can do to fix the problem.

Well think of a basic table, with its border set to 1, but no cellpadding
or cellspacing and just one td cell. The border of course is a fine line
set at 1.

But, when I put anything inside the table cell, just text, or perhaps another
table inside the cell, anything at all it seems, well visually it changes
the border thickness of the main table to a size of 2 even though I have
it set at 1 in the html code.

I was thinking if you have the table border set to 1 then putting something
inside the td cell then that td cell now has a border of 1 as well so it
could be combining with the border size of 1 around the outside border of
the table which makes it look like 2? and because if you add more td cells
then they have borders as well just because you set a border value in the
main table tag. But maybe I am wrong on that.

So as you can see this is a little frustrating, because how can I keep the
main outside table border set at 1(fine line) when it will just change to
a visual thickness of 2 if I add something inside the td cell!? this is something
very simple, but I have never noticed it before, rather confusing.

maybe someone can help, please.

I am using IE6 and Windows 98