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    May 2008

    WEBDAV - ASP, I am Struck!!

    I am trying to read the folder list from another system which is in another domain using WEBDAV.

    It works fine in my local system. But when I uploaded the files in the test/production server which are having valid domain address like www.mywebsite.com , it gives the following error in the line,

    recRoot.Open "MyFolder/","URL=http://MyIPAddress/"
    The error returned is

    "Object or data matching the name, range, or selection criteria was not found within the scope of this operation. "

    In my test server the error returned is different which is

    "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Internet Publishing error '80004005'

    Unspecified error "

    but it is the same line
    recRoot.Open "MyFolder/","URL=http://MyIPAddress/"
    which causes this error.

    My requirement is simple.. I have to list the tree style folder structure contained in another machine using ASP.

    please help. Any Idea!!

    Below is my complete code ,

    	Set recRoot = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Record")
    	recRoot.Open "MyFolder/","URL=http://MyIPAddress/"  
                 Set rsChildren = recRoot.GetChildren
                 Response.write rsChildren.EOF
    	Do Until rsChildren.EOF
                	    Response.Write rsChildren("RESOURCE_PARSENAME") & "<BR>"

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    Welcome to DevX

    Are all the necessary permissions in place? Can you access the other server outside of your code?

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    May 2008
    I tried to read the server's local folder like URL=http://localhost/myfolder,
    it gives the same error. I checked the permissions , all seems to be OK. All listed user accounts have read,list folder permissions given.
    Directory browsing too enabled. I can browse the same directory via IIS Directory browsing.
    Is WEBDAV Internet publishing limited to IIS version?

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