Dear all,

I'm developing an online messaging using ASP. Now, I can interact between
the ASP page and my DLL. The problem is that, when I run it in VB(6), everything
goes fine but when I compile the DLL, it will not work.

The concept of my project is like this,
1. user open the ASP page and fill in the message then submit it.
2. the DLL will retrieve the message from the ASP form, initiate a TCP/IP
connection to another server (e.g. Server2) and send the message to that
other server (Server2).
3. Server2 reply to the DLL for any successful/unsuccessful message and
4. The DLL response.write to the ASP page.

It seems like the connection through the TCP/IP was slow and all the connection
status that I get is 6 (Connecting) but before I compile, I can get connection
status 7 (connected).

Can you suggest me any solutions? If I have to use timer to delay the connection,
how can I do it in the DLL?