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Careful when recommending IsNumeric to anyone. Consider this

ReturnValue =3D IsNumeric("($1,23,,3.4,,,5,,E67$)")

Most people would not expect THAT to return True. IsNumeric has some =
"flaws" in what it considers a proper number and what most programmers =
are looking for.

You might also want to look at this short tip I had published by =
Pinnacle Publishing in their Visual Basic Developer magazine. Note that =
your newsreader will probably break this into two separate lines; they =
need to be combined into a single line in your browser.

In the above example and in the referenced tip, I refer to $ signs and =
commas and dots -- these were meant to refer to your currency, thousands =
separator and decimal point symbols as defined in your local settings -- =
substitute your local regional symbols for these where appropriate.


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> You can use IsNumeric() or onter Is functions toes test.
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> >What is the best way to determine whether an entry in a text box is a =

> >or a letter?
> >thank you,
> >Ted