Hi *.*,

I must "read" a listbox entry in a ownerdrawn listbox, concrete the control
keyboard/language listbox. Therefore I need the font of the listbox entrys.
you can get it by sending WM_GETFONT. In Win9X, I'll get the correct value for
font handle (268 or 272 ...), and setting the font of a VB texbox using
and the returned value will work.
In Win2K, when I use a WH_CALLWNDPROC hook to the keyboard dialog and look
for the values which are sent together with WM_SETFONT to the listbox, I can see
every time I open the dialog a different value. Also the values for other
dialogs and
the controls of them are different. And when I use WM_GETFONT to catch the font,
I'll get these values back which are set, but these are anything but not the
font handle...
What to do???