I've got one DIV (I'll call it maskDiv) clipped to 240px wide by 90px tall.
Inside that, I've got another DIV (I'll call it containerDiv) that is 480px
wide by 90px tall (yes, part of it is cropped off by maskDiv). Inside
containerDiv are three images (image1, image2 and image3, respectively)
inside three A tags (anchor1, anchor2 and anchor3, respectively). Each A tag
contains an onmouseover event handler that swaps it's respective image
(i.e., the handler in anchor1 swaps image1). The event handler also swaps a
second image outside of maskDiv (otherImage). Finally, there is a link
outside of maskDiv with an onclick handler that scrolls containerDiv so you
can see the stuff that is outside the clipping area of maskDiv when the page

In N6/6.01 Mac, the mouseover handler works fine on image1 and half of
image2 (those are the bits that are visible when the page loads), but not on
image3 or the half of image2 that isn't visible when the page loads. The
kicker is when mousing over any of the three images inside containerDiv,
otherImage changes just fine.

A demo is available at:


Any ideas?