You need to change the layer stack order, or Z-INDEX value for it, in
order for the layer to be on top/bottom of any other overlapping layer(s),
document.layers['LAYERNAME'].zIndex will work for NS4.x,
document.all['LAYERNAME'].style.zIndex for IE4 and up and
document.getElementById('LAYERNAME').style.zIndex for IE5 and NS 6.x,
something like say ->

var upperMostzIndex=23;
var currentTopLayer;
function getUpfront(theLayer)

"aldoF" <> wrote in message
> In a whole document, I am using a "document division" to show/hide various
> layers. This works only with the first layer then it puts it underneath.
> I would like to have it relative and dynamically open in the same place.
> <div id="Austria" style="position: absolute; left: 200; top: 360;

> hidden; width: 150; height: 115" class="yellow">
> Anybody who could help me ?
> Thanks Aldo