This occurs in Netscape 4.X.

I have a layered pull down menu system. On some pages the menu expands over
a textbox element below it.
In order to prevent the textbox element from over imposing the menu, I hide
the textbox's whole for in a layer of its own (whenever the menu layer is
shown the form layer is hidden)

The problem:

On page load the textbox is given focus, and you can see the cursor blinking
in it. However, nothing
shows up when typing. The only way to get text to show up when typed is to
click anywhere on on the page
outside of the textbox and then return to it. Seems sort of minor, but in
a large corporate setting
it is a showstopper.

Unfortunately the page is on a corporate LAN so a link to give would not
work. If someone is interested
I could recreate the problem in a 'snippet' of code.