Is it possible to dynamically resize an IFRAME? Meaning, I specify the height
of the IFRAME to 69%. In some cases, the dynamically generated content that
fills the IFRAME happens to be bigger than the height I specify. I would
like to detect the height using a script and then resize it to show all content.
I was hoping clientHeight would give me this but it always gives the fixed
height of the IFRAME. Here is the code. init() is just a test called onLoad().

function init()
var clientheight = document.all["compInfoFrame1"].clientHeight;
alert("Height" + clientheight);

<!--inside the HTML--->
<IFRAME width="100%" name="compInfoFrame1" id="compInfoFrame1" height="69%"
scrolling="no" frameborder="no"
src = "../asp/compInfoProxy.asp?ticker=IBM.N">

Any help?

Many thanks