I have a Dell Inspiron 8100 notebook which came with Windows XP home edition
preinstalled. I attempted to install Visual Studio 6 professional edition
and received the following error message during installation:
"WPIE15.EXE Instruction at xxx referenced memory at yyy. The memory could
not be written."
I clicked ok and the installation seemed to do something and then finished
normally (apparently). After this, now whenever I launch VB6, and exit it
(does not matter whether I open any specific project or create a new project)
then the following error occurs:
"The instruction at xxx referenced memory at yyy. The memory could not be
(note: xxx and yyy stand for some memory addresses.)
I researched on the web and have tried everything starting from changing
the default printer, turning Norton antivirus off, full system virus scan,
Win doctor, disk doctor, speed disk, removing all versions of Visual Studio
(including VS.Net which was also installed on this machine) and reinstalling
in Safe mode, installing SP3 & SP5 for VS6 but the problem still stays. Any
help/pointers of any sort would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance