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    Anthony Peters . Guest

    HTML from a String


    This sounds like it should be simple but...

    On the client side in script I have a string containing HTML.
    This is not the HTML of the page that's displayed to the user,
    it's a whole different html document.

    I want to instantiate some object i.e the HTMLDocument, HTMLWindow2
    etc, and assign it this string, so that I can then have it print
    the HTML, as it would appear in a browser.

    Basically, I'm trying to print documents from the client side, without
    the user needing to physically load the document onto the screen.

    I'm not haveing any luck with the Microsoft HTML Objects.
    I'll consider any Client side language, or other object models.



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    Joe Fawcett Guest

    Re: HTML from a String

    I too am sure there must be a better way but what we do is open IE with a
    blank page and then document.write the string over it. You can then call
    the print method.

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