IFRAME issues

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Thread: IFRAME issues

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    Brad Overlund Guest

    IFRAME issues

    Hey everyone, thanks for the help on the last post. Heres the new issue.

    I have an IFRAME, it displays content fine and everything when i specify
    an html file to be displayed with the SRC="" . What i want to know is, can
    i assign a javascript variable or something so that when the user clicks
    on a menu item on my menu bar, it will call that javascript function, find
    out what url they are requesting, and make that the IFRAME's SRC value. ???
    Any ideas? Thanks ...


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    Brad Overlund Guest

    Re: IFRAME issues

    Please excuse me for being dumb.. LOL! I didnt even think that the IFRAME
    was exactly the same in that you could specify targets..that works.. Thanks
    for those of you who looked anyways

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