"Roe" <rl1999@bigfoot.com> wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have implemented a dynamic menu system which uses layering to pop up cascading
>The problem I have is that the web was developed in the Windows platform
>with font size set to "Small Fonts" (systems display setting of windows,
>NOT the browser text size) and everything was as expected.
>However when the page was displayed on a PC with the Windows text size set
>to "Large Fonts", the text size became larger and the absolute positioning
>of the layers gets out of place.
>Does anyone know of a way to override the FontSize setting of the operating
>system and use the font size specified in the web page?? I'm sure this could
>be done because I have visited web pages with my PC's font setting set to
>"Large" and everything gets displayed properly.
>Thanks in advance!!