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Thread: Boertjie

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    Sarel Koorts Guest


    Hi Katleen,
    A the word "boertjie" is an Afrikaans language expression witch the first
    part "Boer", translated in to the English language would be "Farmer", as
    for the extension "tjie" indicates that it is a "small Farmer". The expression
    however is commonly used by Afrikaans speaking South Africans to indicate
    that the person( boertjie) is not a farmer in real terms but a descendant
    of the ancient Afrikaans speaking farmers. The first "boere" were mostly
    from Holland who emigrated to the southern tip of Africa. They gradually
    transformed the Dutch language into what is today known as the Afrikaans
    language. These same People fought in the well known "Boer War" against
    the British Rulers of that time.

    In conclusion. If one person calls either himself or someone else a "boertjie"
    that would indicate that he is an Afrikaans speaking South African. I don't
    want to boar you with detail, but will gladly give you more detail on South
    Africa and its beautiful People. Please pardon me if I made spelling or grammatical
    errors in my reply to you as my native tongue is Afrikaans. There is no tuition
    whatsoever in Afrikaans on Visual Basic subsequently making it more difficult
    for me to study in
    That is why I asked to help the Boertjie.
    Please tell me what (MS-MVP) stands for?
    Thanking you once more.

    Sarel Koorts

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    Kathleen Dollard-Joeris Guest

    Re: Boertjie


    Thanks for the explanation, particularly why it was relavent (that English
    is not your native tongue).

    MS-MVP stands for Microsoft Most Valued Professional. It is an award given
    by Microsoft for helping to support Microsoft products.

    Reply in the newsgroup so everyone can benefit

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