I have been stuck for days & close to finishing up my first project.
I have a form tied to an access DB using a Data1.
I need to create a SELECT FROM WHERE statement that will display (in a list
box) the name of each record that the WHERE statment fits.
Example I need WHERE status1 = "CR" AND Fax1 = vbChecked AND mydate1 < date1.

mydate is declared as:
Dim h As Variable
Dim mydate As Variable
Dim mydate1 As Variable

h = 1
CurrentdateTime = Now
mydate = CurrentdateTime
mydate1 = mydate - 1

This takes 24 hours from todays date, so that when I search the database
& the date1 is less than 24 hours, status1 = "CR", & Fax1 = vbChecked.
I need to run through each record searching for each of these & the display
the name of each one in the listbox.

Each of the mention fields are using a Data1 Enviroment & I have tied then
using DataSource & DataField.

I have tried so many different ways, my brain feels cluttered so if anyone
has any suggestions I really, really appreciate it!.

Thanks guys,