I'm curently developing a web app that uses DHTML menus. The main menus are
divs that contain a series of gifs - each with an 'off' and 'on' state.
Basically when the user mouses over a menu item, the div becomes visible
and the user can then move down the div, thereby turning the different states
of the submeun off or on. I've got the code working on IE4+, NS4+ and NS6
browsers. My problem is the redrawing of the rollovers within the divs. It
appears that if you mouseover or mouseout too quickly the image swapping
between on and off states slows down and you can actually 'see' whats on
the page behind the div! You can also see the images bounding box before
the image has refreshed. This looks really unsightly and I don't knoew of
a way around it at the moment. PLEASE HELP!