Basically I have a set of links on my site. When someone clicks on the link
a onMouseDown handler is called which executes two functions. The first is
to animate a side panel off the screen and animate a new one to correspond
to the link that was pressed.
Everything works fine till someone decides to go nuts and start clicking
links one after the other before the animation can be completed. In other
words when someone clicks on say the news link, a page will load in an iframe
in the middle and to the side the old panel (whichever it happens to be)
will swing off and the news panel will swing in. When they then click on
say the members link, the news panel will then swish away and the members
panel will come on (and the members page will load in the iframe etc.).
So basically I need to know how to get javascript to NOT execute any animation
commands until the previous one is done. However, I've tried this in a variety
of ways using flag variables and such and it just doesn't work because javascript
seems to execute code in parallel, like in my case it'll try and execute
multiple animation functions if the user clicks on the links while the previous
animation function is trying to complete it'll just start an new process
Any ideas? For instance, does anyone know how to turn off the onClick handler
while the animation functions are in process?

Thanks, any help will be greatly apreciated!