Just some more information...

I have verified that my database connection and my recordset are working.
If the user types in a catalog page number, the text for a combo box are
changed to "page <number>" and the combo box is filled with the product numbers
from the correct page.

However, when I remove the code to have a combobox populated with data, and
put in "Set MSHFlexGrid1.DataSource = RS" I get the following error message....

Run-time error '30023':
Unable to access data. DataSource settings may be incorrect, or the DataSource
functionality may be limited. See help for more information.

It DOES read the field names from the table, and places them across the top
off the MSHFlexGrid, but it never populates it with data. I've tried the
help and it tells me that the link may be authored incorrectly and that I
should search for the topic. I've been searching for 3 days, I could really
use some help on this roadblock.

As a recap, what I want to do is display the details of each record found
after the person types in a page number.

Thanks a lot for all the help thus far and in the future...hopefully I'll
be able to help a new guy/gal out someday.

-Jim Sparks

Here's my good code :
Combo1.Text = "Page " & PageText
Do Until RS.EOF
Combo1.AddItem RS!Style
Set RS = Nothing
Set CN = Nothing

End If