Hi, I have an MDI application which currently has several modules, all in
a standard EXE application. The application exe (compiled as p-code) has
grown big (around 5 MB) and the application has become slower. I am preparing
to add another module which I anticipate will make the executable even bigger
(and probably slower).

I have considered another alternative as adding the new module as an ActiveX
DLL which will comprise of all its classes and the UI forms. I plan to reference
the DLL from the main application and instantiate the classes and invoke
the forms. My testing has been successful so far, except for one problem.
When I add the forms in the DLL as MDIChild forms, it gives an error saying
that no MDI parent form was found. My MDI parent form is a part of the main
application, but it does not consider the MDI child forms in the DLL as its
own child forms. When I make the MDI child property in the DLL forms as False,
it works fine, except that then I cannot use the forms of the new module
in an MDI environment. Any suggestions...

The basic key issues here are :
1. Does the size of an application (standard exe) matter for its performance
and its responsiveness or does VB dynamically load what is needed ?
2. Is it a good idea to include UI forms in an ActiveX DLL componenet ?
3. If I include the UI forms in ActiveX DLL, how do I make them behave as
the MDI child forms of the MDI parent form in the main client application

Thanks a lot in advance for the pointers.