Hi -

I have been recently updating a type library that was distributed with an
ancient MFC automation DLL we have been maintaining. In order to ensure
that we can see what properties and methods are allowed by the DLL, I
decided to dust down the (unused) type library, and replace all the As
Object references with the single exposed coclass in the type library, which
has a default dispatch interface. When I did this, all projects
referencing the type library worked fine.

However, looking at the type library, I noticed that none of the properties
that I knew that the DLL exposed were actually in the type library, so I
added them. And now (in a really contrary way) the compiler complains that
none of the properties exist! Looking at 3rd party Dispatch interfaces, I
noticed that they never mixed properties and methods. Could there be some
logic behind this? Does anyone know how I can add the properties without
this problem?


Mark Alexander Bertenshaw
Chordiant Software, Inc.