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    Mark Taylor Guest

    cell color onclick

    I know how to change the background color of a cell with the onclick event.
    But I need a way to toggle the color on and off. I have a list of 4 items
    in a Navigation Frame

    Navigation Frame Display
    Item 1 The display page is based on the
    Item 2 item clicked.
    Item 3
    Item 4

    All 4 items start out with the same background color (in the cell)

    I want to be able to click on any item, have the cell color change and if
    I click on another item, the cell color of the previous item I clicked on
    returns to its initial state and the cell color of the item I am currently
    clicking on changes. The idea is to get a highlite effect on the item currently
    clicked in the Navigation frame. By the way, each item is also an href.
    When clicked, the contents of the display area change. No problem with this.
    I just need to get that highlite effect going.

    I need a Netscape and IE4 + solution to this dilemma. I can't find a way
    to address the individual cell. Seems like I should be able to address each
    href or some text and change its background color though. I have search
    Javascript and HTML references and can't find a way to make this happen.
    Help, time is running out!

    Many Thanks


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    BM Guest

    Re: cell color onclick

    Did you try naming the cells?

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