Skimming MS's whitepapers, I came across this dreadful quote:

COM+ will also include innovative, easy-to-use services based on features
pioneered by COM-enabled tools such as Visual Basic. A key service is
declarative data binding. This is very similar to the data binding currently
offered by Visual Basic in forms. In Visual Basic, you drop data source and
data-bound controls on a form, bind the data source control to a database,
and bind the data-bound controls to specific database fields. With COM+,
classes are decorated with a class attribute of the database to connect to.
A class contains one or more data source fields that also have some of their
properties defined, such as the SQL statement to execute. Data-bound fields
are associated with a data source field and columns of its query results.
Whenever the data source field is updated, all bound fields are updated with
values that match the associated columns. Data binding is enabled by a
binding engine, which is a runtime interceptor for all instances of classes
that have data binding support. This engine ensures that when an instance is
activated, the proper data source connection is obtained and associated with
the instance.

What is the world coming to? Any comments?

If this "fancy binding" trend continues, I may have to take up basketweaving
or pottery as a vocation. Just when I though I couldn't deal with any more
binding-heads, here comes MS with another great "feature", for the
quiche-eating sect, I suppose.

I think I'm going to retch. I should probably give up my programmer's
mountain boots and SUV, while I'm at it. Oh, the _shame_!

D. Patrick Hoerter