My app is showing graphical information with the user being able to click
on a graphical sector (via image maps) to allow drill down capabilities into
the data. To prevent the screen refreshing each time (and giving a flicker
effect) Im using numerous frames and just updating each frame in turn depending
upon the level of current drill down. (ie clicking in frame 1 populates frame
2, click in frame 2 populates frame 3 etc).To give the impression of a complete
web page I have disabled the frame scroll bars.

BTW Im using this approach as I dont know of a method of adding images (along
with the appropriate updated image map info) into an existing HTML page that
contains a table.

Q - With my current set up the user is unable to scroll down the 'whole'
web page to see additional information located at the bottom of the browser.
I have tried putting my page contaning the numerous frames into a top level
frame (with this frames scroll bar enabled - ie to try and create a window)
but this doesnt work. Is there a way to do the this type of thing that a
novice like myself doesnt know about?