As a part of writing file to a floppy, my user has requested that we perform
an 'integrity check' on the file. Typical of most users - they define this
test to be make sure that when I read this disk in the future the file is

This is what I have found so far:

Fso.CopyFile fromfile tofile 'Copy file to floppy

Fso.CopyFile tofile testfile 'Copy file from floppy to hard disk with
new name.

What have found that the first copy take the normal time to write to disk
(~10 secs - large file), but the second copy takes less than a second. I
believe that NT is reading file back from buffer that it used to write to
the disk.

The only way I can get this second copy to actually read the disk is to take
the disk out and then put back in. Not the most impressive way to do this.

I tried:
set D = fso.GetDrive("A:")
and several other things with FSO that didn't do any good.

Is there anyway to programmatically get NT to read from the disk again? Any
ideas, if there is a windows API to do something like this, I'll need help
on that too.