Hi there folks - I'm trying to code a simple javascript calculation for my
site. Basically my 'function calcCost()' is a pretty straight forward affair.

In the body of the page, I want users to select from one of 3 text choices
that I give (in a radio checkbox selection - where only one can be selected).
Their choice then needs to be converted into a numerical value, for use in
the function. Then, the function will multiply their choice by another number
(entered by the user in another input box) to give an actual result.

My problem is that I that I don't know how to convert the radiobox selection
into a numberical entity, for use in the equation?

I assume that I need to make the 3 choices into an array and give them 'numerical'
values, which, somehow, can then be incorporated into the equation?

I'm getting close - I know, I can feel a familiar rumbling in my tummy, but
can't quite crack it... Anyone got any ideas?