Hi kevin and ALL

thanks for your respond. The sql posted is used to identify the most current
order. I used it to modify to create another sql as following

SELECT DISTINCT TOP 1 tblOrder.CustID, CustNameLast, tblSalesRep.SlsRepID,
tblSalesRep.SlsRepNameLast, Count(tblOrder.CustID) AS HighestNumber
FROM tblOrder, tblCustomer, tblSalesRep
WHERE tblOrder.CustID=tblCustomer.CustID
AND tblCustomer.SlsRepID=tblSalesRep.SlsRepID
GROUP BY tblOrder.CustID, CustNameLast, tblSalesRep.SlsRepID, tblSalesRep.SlsRepNameLast
ORDER BY Count(tblOrder.CustID) DESC;

I want to removed this column --

CustID CustNameLast SlsRepID SlsRepNameLast HighestNumber
102 Morrison 03 Schnieder 3
105 Wilkins 09 Tan 3
119 Thrift 06 Adams 3

ORDER BY -- sort by descending so the Highestnumber can be shown on the top

I want to do away the alias "HighestNumber" .The rest of them is the same
If "HighestNumer" was removed. ORDER BY Count(tblOrder.CustID) DESC will
not work any more ---- the result will be different
that is the PROBLEM. I think I need subquery to solve this problem.
Do you have any idea to fix this
thanks again