I have an application, run over network.
Tables contains between 2000 and 80000 reords (client table has about 2000
records, while invoice table has about 80000).
There are also other tables (also tens of thousands of records).

One processing require calculation of a total sold for clients.
For this I have to run several SQL statements (the database structure is a
little complicated, because it is inhedited from a old DOS application, and
I have to live with)

The problem is application is fast enough locally (it takes about 2-3
seconds to run all SQL's and then update clients cursor with their sold.
But on the network the application is quite slow (17-20 sec)

I set up all indexes I need (at least I hope).
If I run sys(3054, 1), sys(3054, 2) and test my queries they seems to be
optimized (if I make index on deleted they seems to be fully optmimized,
othwise partially), but I get this loading time.

Please send me any advice who could help me to speed up this.

Best regards,