Im making a system that takes the user through a number of screens where
they choose by clicking check boxes a number of files. At the end of the
screens and selections i need these files to all be sent to the printer when
requested by hitting a button. The files are located on the server... can
i somehow have them selected and send them to the printer? or do my users
need to have the files downloaded to their machine...then sent to print?

Im naming the check boxs after the files, but dont know how to establish
the relationship between the boxs and the actual files so they can be selected
& printed. At the moment im thinking of having the selections on each screen
placed into a cookie as the user goes through... then i need them all to
print at the end if possible.

The docs are word docs, and some pdf's. SOme include images.

I am new to ASP, please contact if you can help!!