Workspace Whiz! 2.00, the successor to the popular Workspace Utilities, is
now available. Workspace Whiz! is a powerful Visual Studio add-in designed
to improve developers' productivity by allowing quicker source navigation
and coding.

* Opens files by incrementally matching files existing anywhere in the workspace.
* External projects and workspaces can be added to enhance the search.
* Provides a comprehensive alternate file (.cpp<->.h) swapper capable of
flipping to the correct file, so long as it exists in the workspace.
* Quickly indexes all workspace source files for incremental tag matching
and tag completion.
* A very powerful code template facility.
* Template constructs which may be used, for example, as a simpler alternative
to the Visual
Studio AppWizard.
* Source code available for download.
* And more...

Download it at

Joshua Jensen
Author, Workspace Whiz!