I need a little guidance as to converting an ASP page to ASP.Net. I've been
going through ASP.Net this week and I'm converting some of my ASP pages to
ASP.Net. I'm having a problem getting the ASP.Net page to use a dll that
is necessary to connect to our database (As/400). The page I'm starting
with is a simple ZipCode searching tool that passes search criteria to the
dll and returns an XML stream.

Everything works great in the ASP page but after converting most of the page
to ASP.Net I am getting an error when the code tries to create the instance
of my dll class.

Here is a copy of the code from the orginal ASP page with hardcoded values
that I am passing to the dll. "XMLZipSearch" is the function inside the

Session("app") = Server.CreateObject ("ZipSearch.Class1")
app = Session("app")
RtCode = app.XMLZipSearch("TX", "78620", "78620", "Z")

I'm running a AMDK6 with NT/PWS as my web server and hitting it with a P-4
running Win2K. Remember that everything works great in the ASP page but not
in the ASP.Net page.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Jon Gregory Rothlander