I noticed that if you hit the 'back' button in Netscape it goes back to a
cached version of the previous page. In IE however, it will reload the previous
page if you hit the 'back' button.

what i need is a way that you can force a page refresh on a cached page.
i dont think this is possible though.

Another way i would get through this problem is if i could set the users
browser to not cache pages. i dont think this is possible either though.

what my issue is, is that i load a page and get the Form action like so.
if billcountry = "US" then
'send form to 3rd party authorization system
FormAction = "authorize.dll"
FormAction = "orderverify.asp"
end if
and now i can determine where i post to.

form tag removed
<!--- form method =post action=<%=FormAction%>

The Problem is: that if the user hits the back button (in netscape) then
the 'form action' will be exactly what it was on the first submission; the
problem is the page dosent reload. so if it was still 'authorize.dll' then
im double charging my users.
i want to know a way to defeat this problem without writing an in-house dll
that can post to the right place based on my data.